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Once upon a time, on April 6, 2020, a wonderful Filipino community group came into existence, thanks to the passion and vision of Andi. Being pregnant with her son, Oliver, Andi realized the need for a supportive space where first-time moms like herself could connect and share their experiences.

With this heartfelt intention, she named the group "First Time Mamas UAE," aspiring to create a close-knit circle of friends who could relate to the joys and challenges of their motherhood journey. Little did she know that her initiative would blossom into something even more remarkable.

As time passed, the group began to thrive, and seasoned mothers expressed their interest in joining the community as well. Embracing the desire to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, Andi decided to rename the group "Pinay Mums UAE," symbolizing its broader reach and embracing all Filipino mothers in the UAE.

Through the years, Pinay Mums UAE flourished with love, care, and genuine connections. Countless events were held, creating cherished memories for everyone involved. The community grew exponentially, attracting more and more moms who sought the warmth of friendship and understanding.

Today, three years later, the Pinay Mums UAE community stands tall with an incredible 16,000 members! The vision and mission that Andi laid the foundation with remain as steadfast as ever, driving the community forward. Their shared commitment to support, empower, and celebrate each other's journeys as mothers has grown even stronger.

As the story of this remarkable Filipino community continues, so does its legacy of compassion, sisterhood, and unwavering support. Together, they pave the way for countless more mothers to find solace and joy in their shared adventure of motherhood. 🌟💖 #PinayMumsUAE #JourneyOfMotherhood #CommunityLove

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