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Devirgilio Surgery Case Based Pdf Download !!BETTER!!

Surgery: A Case Based Clinical Review offers a highly comprehensive and detailed understanding of major surgical procedures in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly format. The entire book is based on a case-based content structure which makes learning much more engaging and effective. You will be able to access cases and diseases that are most commonly encountered during surgical rotations. The cases have been designed in such a manner so that the readers can easily access key information i.e history, physical examination and differential diagnosis in a single go. Today, in this article, we are going to share with you the .pdf ebook copy of Surgery: A Case Based Clinical Review PDF using direct links. We hope that all healthcare professionals belonging to this field will find this book useful. ?

devirgilio surgery case based pdf download

A 16-year-old, otherwise healthy white female, presented to the pediatric emergency room with an impressive amount of subcutaneous emphysema that developed over a 12-h period after sustaining an accidental laceration to the first web space of her right hand. She appeared nontoxic and had a clinically benign presentation. A comprehensive work-up was performed. She was splinted by the orthopedic surgery resident on call, and was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for overnight monitoring. She received tetanus vaccination and broad-spectrum antibiotics. The patient was discharged 2 days after admittance, with a splint applied to her right hand and forearm. She undertook home-based physical and occupational therapy. She had a pain-free range-of-motion in the right wrist, elbow and shoulder. The swelling in the right hand subsided completely.


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