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Reflecting on a Transformative Retreat: Empowering Minds and Hearts

On the pleasant afternoon of October 21, 2023, the Hub of Consciousness witnessed a gathering of incredible mothers for a remarkable four-hour retreat. The event, orchestrated with precision and passion, provided a platform for personal growth, reflection, and empowerment.

Led by the indomitable Dana Elena, the event was an eye-opener for attendees, encouraging them to shift their mindsets from victimhood to taking responsibility. Dana Elena's insightful guidance was a beacon of wisdom, illuminating the path to personal transformation.

One of our esteemed members, Elyssa, shared her inspirational journey through the labyrinth of mental health challenges. Her story was a poignant reminder that resilience and the human spirit can overcome any obstacle. Elyssa's words touched the hearts of all who attended, proving that sharing our struggles can be an act of courage and an inspiration to others.

Kim Dela Cruz, a seasoned practitioner of meditation and Reiki, led the participants through a rejuvenating meditation session. The tranquil atmosphere at the Hub of Consciousness combined with Kim's soothing guidance allowed attendees to connect with their inner selves, leaving them with a sense of serenity and tranquility.

As we embarked on our transformative journey, TapTap Send generously sponsored a delectable buffet that tickled our taste buds and nourished our souls. The culinary delights provided by Papa Chits Restaurant were a perfect complement to the spiritual nourishment received throughout the retreat.

In a delightful surprise, all participants were gifted with goodie bags that added an extra touch of warmth and gratitude to the day. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, Pinay Mums UAE, Sanitees, and The Embroidery Box, for their generosity and for adding an extra layer of joy to our event.

The event, hosted and orchestrated with love and care, was a testament to the power of collective learning and growth. In just four hours, the retreat managed to touch the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance, leaving them inspired, enlightened, and deeply moved.

In conclusion, the retreat at the Hub of Consciousness on October 21, 2023, was a resounding success, not only because of the impeccable planning and execution but also because of the incredible individuals who came together to make it a reality. We left the retreat with hearts full of gratitude and minds brimming with newfound wisdom and determination. It was a day of empowerment, reflection, and transformation that will be etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Event Partner:

TapTap Send


Pinay Mums UAE


The Embroidery Box

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