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I've been looking for a filipino online community during my pregnancy, until my friend told me about this group...walah! Ang daming first hand experience and infos from great mommies..lo is now 16months old and still learning from this group. Salamat mommies!!!

As a 1st time mom, PMU Community has helped me alot from choosing my gyne, cheap 4d ultrasound, which hospital will I go to for delivery and most especially being mom to my LO 

Pinay Mums UAE has always been my go to group whenever I have Mommy questions on motherhood/ parenting and everything in between. The Mommies here are so generous with their info, ideas, recommendations and support. Really glad to be part of this group. Thanks Pinay Mums 

Since im FTM and its just me and my husband taking care of our LO, Pinay Mums UAE helped us a lot. This is the page you have to go to whenever we have some questions related to LO. All the mommies here are super approachable and very helpful especially sharing their experience that you can relate. Im glad and thankful for this page. Kudos to all moms and admins 

Pinay mums helps me in many ways, got lots of tips or ideas on how to handle my 2 kids very well. Very informative and helpful to all the mommies out there...

As a silent reader. If there is a dictionary for language, PMU is my dictionary for motherhood. It's just so helpful.

I lost my job during last semester when I was pregnant with our first baby  and it was really a roller coaster the fact that no one is there cause Hubby has to work, first baby namin sya so zero knowledge ako, then walang assurance kung sasagutin ni company yung panganganak ko dahil binalak na nilang icancel yung insurance  para kong mababaliw sa kung ano-anong mga naiisip ko but because of Pinay Mums, na-redirect yung stress ko into learning at sa mga tipid tips nung mga naging mommies na before, madami din akong natutunan about trying to talk my company out na wag muna nila icancel yung insurance para macover parin panganganak ko and ayun na cover naman. Kaya thank you, thank you. Parang naging big sis, mama, tita, bestfriend etc. ko mga nakakausap ko during that time. Kala naten sometimes wala lang pero kadalasan pala malaking impact sa iba yung mga advices naten. So I’m taking this opportunity nadin to thank all the Admums and to salute us all the Pinay Mum

Masasabi kong ang Pinay Mums UAE ay hindi lamang pagiging Nanay kundi Women Empowerment din. Dahil sa Pinay Mums UAE bilang Nanay at walang walang matandang gumagabay sa aming mag asawa, ito yung naging means para makapagtanong at kahit na hindi din magtanong, may mga mababasa pa rin na post related to our questions. Mahirap maging nanay pero masaya pa rin at rewarding. Thank you so much kasi my ganitong community. Hindi lang information sa tamang pag aaruga sa mga anak kundi meron ding advertisement at promotional. And Additionally meron ding innitiative ang pinay mums kung sakaling maghahanap ng kasambahay. Which is napakalaking tulong sa ating mga nanay. Furthermore malaki din ang pasasalamat ko sa pinaymums kasi inaallow nya na magpost ng mga inuoofer mong goods na talaga namang nakakatulong sa pagpromote ng negosyo.

I married and became a mom at early age 21 lng aq nun ngsskol pa sa college so never had idea how to be mom. Soo in my first baby almost ung parents q nag aasikaso if may sakit cla dn nag aalaga. After 13yrs nasundan ung panganay at nataon pa na pndemic dito soo no flyts cancel lahat kaya no choice at dito na kmi nkpagdeliver and everything. Kaya ayun, prang back to basic or back to beginning aq nun on my own no mama, no papa. Grabiii ung hirap q nun kasi kami kami lng nun.. PMU helps me a lot kasi pag mi kilangan aq like sa visa ng bb dati, insurance, even mga gamots pra sa baby natatanong q sa PMU and nasasagot agad ng ibang mommies. D q akalain na may ganitong groups pala dito. It feels like d naq nag iisa. Even sharing heartache and dramas many mommies will comfort you. And take note because of PMU i meet a lot of mommies in different probensya bisaya tagalog, etc and then i meet this 3 special mommies that clossest to my heart. We became close friends like sisters, supporting each others business kasi mga business minded ung mga myloves q na mommy eh kaya kung ano binta nila support agad kmi. At kahit busy ang buhay we make sure tlga to see each other and make some bondings kasama ung mga bata. i love them so much and kids too.. 

Pinay Mums UAE became my second family here in UAE. The very first time na nakahelp sakin dito is a mommy from Sharjah. Sorry mombrain I forgot her name but nagpagive away siya ng diapers during pandemic. Thats the start na kasi since pandemic wala na akong work. Then the nextyear na nagkawork ako nabuntis naman ako sa bunso namin third baby. So stop working nanaman ako. Super daming generous mom dito. Mapa baby things to mom things. And most specially dito ko nakilala ang mga momfriend ko turns to my bunso's GodMother Laking tulong talaga this group at one call away ang mga friendship lalo na pag gusto ko magventout. Anjan sila tatagayan ka online.  one more thing is talagang pag may question ako or LOOKING FOR madaming mgmemessage sayo which is so helpful tlga nila.  Thank you Andi for making this and thank you PMU fam! 

In PMU, I have found a supportive community that has been helpful with each other. Being a parent can be challenging and overwhelming at times, and it's important to have a network of people who can provide guidance, encouragement, and ideas.

Having this community that can relate to your experiences and offer different perspectives is incredibly valuable. It can also be reassuring to know that you're not alone in your struggles, and that others have faced similar challenges and found ways to overcome them.

Being a mom who don't have relatives here in Dubai, PMU help me whenever I have a question, have some knowledge or issue about motherhood, and by reading the comments of fellow moms, It help a lot to balance the life here in UAE. whenever I want to have an answer for anything that I'm not familiar with, I'm getting the answer just by checking the group or asking advices. Thanks Pinay Mums UAE and more power to the admins who are not getting tired just to make sure the group are in the right path.

Pinay mums uae is the best. I got pregrant when i was 21 first baby but didnt get s chance to take care of her as i need to go back soon in dubai to work i really dont have experience of taking care of a baby .then i heard about this community to one of my friend

im just a silent reader when ever i have question i always open this page to search for an answer and everything works to my lo .

I also met a lot of friends and thankful for those who is supporting me to all my business post .

Im a very shy type person since i join here i also express my feelings and suggest a comment to other mumshie base on my experience .

Thank you

PMU is like a living diary especially for Mums like us. Parang everytime magoopen ka sa group na to there are lots of ideas na mkikita mo. Different stories, experiences etc. It also serves like a dictionary na pag magsesearch ka ng any topic andto na lahat. Mkikita mo lahat ng answers mo. Wlang topic na d mo mhahanap dto. Pra syang library for mums like us. So hndi kumpleto araw ko pag d ko naoopen ang group na to. Kc dto mo dn mkikita na kht d mo kaano2 or kilala ang nagsheshare mapapa pray ka talaga for them. So I guess, PUM is a way of life na to Mums like us.

PMU has helped me in 2 great aspects of my motherhood life.

1. I got to share ideas, with my fellow first time moms and experienced moms as well. From the simple preggy craving of fishballs and kikiam to where is it best to put the diaper bin 

2. When I became a Stay at home mom, PMU has been my outlet of thoughts and ideas, sharing my own experiences through those few years of parenting. Honestly, being a SAHM is never easy, but whenever I read someone sharing their SAHM journey thru this group, it makes me more motivated to serve my family more, makes me feel that I still belong, that I'm just one of the many SAHM out there and I'm not alone, and that I'm still not less of a woman.

Kudos to PMU for helping more mommas be empowered and feel loved. 

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