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#PinayMumazing Alma Sioco

Hello mommies!! So eto na nga ang ating Pinay Mumazing Friday!

This amazing mum had shown so much passion to her business kaya naman talagang umaarangkada! Hardwork, consistensy and perseverance really paid off. She started her humble beginnings from launching her product on our CCC event, natikman at ginanahan ang lahat and recently gained the hearts of Radio Jockeys (kung hindi nyo pa natitikman…. It’s time!)! Sooo, eto na ngaaaaa ang Mother of Bawangong… mommy MB-Alma Casis Sioco!

I have tried and loved bawangong personally at nagsimula ang pagbuo ng recipe ng bawangong sa paghanap sa substitute sa bagoong.. according to mommy Alma, her youngest loves to eat kare kare, bilang pamilya na hindi mahilig sa bagoong, mommy Alma and hubs thought of something that will not make kare kare less like kare kare.. this inspired them to develop bawangong’s recipe… nagsimula sa patikim tikim sabi nga nila and boom! Hinahanap hanap na ng lahat !

Let’s all hear it from mommy Alma a.k.a Mother of Bawangong!

Hi mga mommies! This is your mommy Alma and I am a mother of 2 grown ups!

One of my favorite quotes will be definitely be from the Bible. It’s Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in Yah with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.

I am an Admin Manager at an Engineering Consultant Firm in DUBAI and also the Founder and General Manager of Bawangong LCC, The Ultimate Garlic Gourmet.

First of all, my kids are already grown ups and have their own professional careers. My life has been full of ups and downs in raising them. I have been in the Middle East as an OFW for nearly two decades already. I was in Bahrain as a single mom for a few years, until I found MB (Mr. Bawangong), 14 years ago. It wasn’t easy being away from my family. Having a long distance relationship with my kids was always a challenge specially in their teenage years. Also, it was a rough start for me being abroad. Having debts, here and there, just to get out of the country to find greener pastures. And when I finally stepped into the “ofw life”, the challenges start to get tougher and tougher. But life has its rewards. Hard work pays off. So after 18 years of being an employee and my kids being professionals of their own careers, we finally entered into the world of Entrepreneurship.

PMU played a big part in Bawangong’s story. PMU was our launchpad. It was where we first officially launched our product. And since then, we have grown and are still growing as a business. The PMU founders and members have become my friends and are very supportive in every aspect of our business. From helping find avenues to promote our product, to networking with other groups, and regular encouragements, PMU has been truly a blessing to us. I am grateful for their support and would be happy to pay it forward to other mums who are starting their own business.

To learn more about our small startup business, please visit and follow our social platforms by searching #bawangong . Our social handles are - Instagram - tobbasketbysiocofam Facebook - tobbasketbysiocofam TikTok - @Bawangong

Thank you so much PMU! We’re forever grateful!

by Admin Meg

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