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#PinayMumazing Jalin

Hello mommies!! Happy Friday I would like to introduce to you to another amazing mum in our community. Napaka humble, and napaka insightful ng mga post and comments nya sa group. Thank you, mommyJa Vbs for accepting our invitation to be featured and for making time to share.

Mommy Jalin also known as Ja, is a loving mom to her child. As a family, they enjoy going to the beach and hiking. They also enjoy going to free or minimal fees places in the UAE. Aba iba na ang wais! According to her, use facebook groups for the best “insider” info on sale and offers.

As a mom, she also had her own struggles, specially when she became a SAHM, motherhood it is a continous journey, according to her. Let us hear it from mommy Ja.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a mother?

I struggle as mother especially as an SAHM, and there are many moments where I have doubted my capacity to be one. Like some, being a mother made me question who I really am and what was left of me, premotherhood.
It was (and still is), a continous journey of rediscovery, affirmation, forgiveness and most of all, letting go. Letting go of regrets, missed opportunities and most of all, idealistic, unattainable standards ng motherhood. I haven't reach the end of my journey, I probably will never pero that's okay with me..One of the most important realization I have is that I will never be the perfect mother. Pero I am always the best one for my child(ren).

What role has PMU played in your journey as a mother and pursuing your aspirations?

Being part of PMU has made me "come out of my shell" so to speak. Before I mostly kept to myself and my family. Because of PMU I am able to interact and even meet awesome mothers, who share the same joys and struggles that I do. I have gained valuable insights, hacks, tipid tips, self-care. Ang saya din na magbonding with other moms na hindi kasama ang kiddos.

Anything you would like to share to fellow mums,quote you believe in, hacks, tips, fun fact:

Use facebook groups for the best "insider" info on sale and offers. Honestly the best thing about being in groups, mas organic ang mga recommendations.
For new moms, chill lang and wag masyadong gigil..hehe. And wag maging judgemental sa ibang nanay. Personal learning ko yan.

by Admin Meg

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