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Spotlight on Our Event's Supporters: PMU Little Explorer Spooky Halloween Sponsors

On October 28, 2023, something truly special happened at the Landmark Grand Hotel in Dubai. It was a day filled with excitement and innovative experiences, all made possible by the fantastic sponsors who supported our event.

In this blog post, we'd like to express our heartfelt thanks and give a well-deserved shout-out to both our major and minor sponsors, who played a significant role in making our event a success.

Ellie’s Balloons and Events

Facebook Profile: Ellie’s Balloons and Events

RC Photography

Facebook Profile: RC Photography

Zurich by Jalen Baluya

Facebook Profile: Zurich by Jalen Baluya

Docu Stamp - Tres Midas Document Processing

Facebook Profile: Docu Stamp - Tres Midas Document Processing

Gift of God

Facebook Profile: Gift of God

Visuals by Preet

Facebook Profile: Visuals by Preet

Olivia Homemade Goodies

Facebook Profile: Olivia Homemade Goodies

Brownie Bombs

Facebook Profile: Brownie Bombs

Kake Planet

Facebook Profile: Kake Planet

These major sponsors were not just names on a list; they were essential partners in making our event a huge success. By visiting their social media profiles and engaging with their content, you can get to know them better and appreciate the amazing work they do. We encourage you to connect with our sponsors and show your support for the wonderful businesses that made our event possible.

While our major sponsors played a significant role in the success of our recent event at the Landmark Grand Hotel in Dubai on October 28, 2023, we also had a group of unsung heroes – our minor sponsors. Their contributions may have been smaller in scale, but they were no less important in making our event a hit. Let's take a moment to get to know these minor sponsors and appreciate the role they played in our event's success.

Terelle Travel and Tours

Eye Spy Optics

The Learning Tots

JMLS Beauty Salon

Savers Kart

Franchise Business by Anna Cruz

Creation of love goodies

Kusina Natin’ Toh Deira

GJ Trendsetter

Avery Stylish Treasures

Party Popstars

Taga South Pasabay


Aivia Clothing and Accessories

Sky Mii Travel and Tours

The 5BigJ’s Online Shop

AH Prints and Crafts

Baby Creatives




My Nuvola Clothing

Each of these sponsors, in their own way, helped make our event an unforgettable experience. Their involvement was invaluable, and we encourage you to explore and support their businesses as a way of showing appreciation for their role in our successful event. Thank you to all our minor sponsors for being a part of our journey!

Together, we'll create more unforgettable experiences in the years to come.

With gratitude,


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