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Pinay Mums UAE

Home away from home of Filipino mothers in the UAE

In order to ensure the continuity of our cherished community and the valuable support it provides to so many moms, we're excited to introduce the new and improved version:



Once upon a time, on April 6, 2020, a wonderful Filipino community group came into existence, thanks to the passion and vision of Andi. Being pregnant with her son, Oliver, Andi realized the need for a supportive space where first-time moms like herself could connect and share their experiences.

Join our community of entrepreneurial mothers within Pinay MUms UAE if you're seeking support and want to connect with like-minded business-oriented mUms.

Since i joined this group it has been my comfort zone and a place to search things to help me as a first time mom. Pinay Mums UAE helped me to be better mom and feel better about my self as a mom and as a partner.. More power to all amazing mommies… keep inspiring and helping moms wherever part of the world.. 
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