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#PinayMumazing Jenny Casa Dy

Hello, hello!! Always looking forward for Fridays, coz I’m always excited to introduce to you another amazing mum in our community!

Say hello to mommy Jenny Casa - Dy a.k.a mommy Jenny! She spreads love and joy throughout the community by sharing Gift of God in our events! Yes, she is the mumpreneur behind the amazing eco friendly products! Why Gift of God? Mommy Jenny believes that all gift comes from above. ً Not to mention, she is also an HR manager and a dedicated mum to her adorable son.

Aside from being crafty, mommy Jenny is passionate in cooking and baking… but, lucky her, husband took charge when it comes to cooking (sana ol)! For mommy Jenny, ” The only way to do great work is to love what you do, whatever life throws at you, always think on the positive side. God is always there to provide, support and guide you.”

Once again, mommy Jennifer Ross Dy, our Pinay Mumazing!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a mother?

I'm an HRM graduate from Siena College QC, have a passion for cooking and baking. I used to bake cakes and cupcakes for my LO's monthly milestones and even supported my breastfeeding journey of 16 months through my Moringga Brownies & Crinkles. I stopped cooking when I got married, kasi mas gusto ni hubby sya nagluluto kaya binigay ko na sakanya ang crown! My journey in UAE started in 2014. I started working as a Receptionist for the past 7 years in an Advertising Company, and that company has been really my comfort zone, sadly they have closed their doors. And I got a new job in a Social Media Marketing Company, where my skills were honed and discovered more, and I have reached wherever I am right now. I have flexi timing sa sa work as long as na napprovide ko ang deliverables ko kaya naman I have spare time to do designs and to focus on side lines and business at syempre sa pakikipag kulitan sa anak ko.

My journey as a mom, I would say, it's not easy, very challenging but worth it. From the beginning, the moment we knew I was pregnant the challenges had begun. I was put to bed rest from 13 weeks of pregnancy due to bleeding, and got back to work and outside world at 24th week. In the 27th week of pregnancy we knew that my spleen was getting enlarged as my baby grew from time to time. Until the OB decided for me to give birth 32 weeks, na napacompute kami agad ng expenses ng NICU if ever. So we decided to find another OB and to have a second opinion, I visited 3 hospitals with different OB and lahat sila shocked sa nangyayari sa akin and these hospitals don't have enough doctors that can handle my situation. Until one day, I went to Mediclinic and sorted everything out. Everytime na may check up ako, Im seeing 3 doctors, my OB, a General Surgeon and a Hematologist. I had scheduled CS at 37 weeks to have it safe for me and my son. Pero 34 weeks palang grabe na complain ko sa OB ko sa super sikip na ng tyan ko sa loob halos hindi na rin ako nakakain. Umabot sa point na every meal ko is 3 subo nalang at tiis tiis lang talaga, gumagamit ako ng any can/cold bottle para ipatong sa area na masakit at mamanhid un sakit sa tyan ko. After 6 months Postpartum I had a surgery for Spleen Removal as advised by the doctors. With this my immunity is low kaya medyo sakitin na ang mamshy nyo. I am taking care of my son with the full force of our family, my husband, my sisters and my cousins are here, so super helpful talaga ng may kasama ka. Napakahirap magisa, kaya saludo ako sa mga mamshies na kinaya at kinakaya.

What role has PMU played in your journey as a mother and pursuing your aspirations?

PMU played a big role in my motherhood life, saming mga friends kasi ako ang unang naging mom and wala talaga akong idea, especially sa mga situations wala akong mapagtanungan, and even un mommy ko sinasabi nya na ibang generation na ngayon at wala na syang maalala sa nakaraan masyado hihi With this community I read some situations na kagaya ko, May mga tips, hacks and most especially I also share experiences or whatever I can. And with the support from this group of mamshies, nabuo ang small business namin. And with this community, I now have more mommah friends na nakakawentuhan at chikahan. And sometimes if Im facing a difficult situation, may mga nababasa akong may mas mahirap pa sa pinagdadaanan ko, mas tumatatag ang loob ko.

Anything you would like to share to fellow mums?

For my fellow moms, I just want to share that you are a strong human, don't let anyone or anything let you down! Always believe in yourself & you can do it.

—— Thank you so much Mommy Jenny for sharing your impactful and touching motherhood journey. You are an amazing mum, indeed!

by Admin Meg

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