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#PinayMumazing Julie Ann Esplana

Glad to introduce to all of you to, mommy Julie Ann Esplana, her friends call her J or Ly-Ann. Mommy Julie has 2 wonderful children, whom she adores dearly.

Mommy Julie got her hands full being a SAHM and a Mumpreneur! She is the amazing woman behind Paper Lab & Simply Oils of Purpose as Young Living Brand Ambassador.

Surely her house smells wonderful for the whole family enjoys baking from breads, pastries, and pandesal! As much as they enjoy baking, they also love swimming, bond over movies and taking trips to grocery store , coz why not?

Let’s all hear it from Mommy Julie’s inspiring journey.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a mother?

I’m a Chemical Engineering Technology graduate and Chemical Laboratory Analyst by profession. When I had my firstborn, Skye, 9 years ago, I gave up everything and completely embraced Motherhood. I joined different Mommy groups in the Philippines to learn from other experienced Moms. And from there I became a Homechool Mom, a Breastfeeding, Baby-Wearing & Cloth Diapering Advocate. (Told yah, Motherhood-embraced-well.)

In my journey as a Mom, as I teach & guide my children, I also become the best person I can be. As parent, we have to be the best example they can have, they copy us and of course we wanted them to be kind, loving, God-fearing—in short, a good person. I can say, I am a better person now because of them.

What role has PMU played in your journey as a mother and pursuing your aspirations?

PMU is one of the Mommy Community I am with here in UAE. I always wanted to join whenever there are activities posted praying it’s within my husband’s work-off. I finally joined the Mumchella Event and it was a bliss!

In PMU, I met Moms whom became my friends, my support and my prayer warriors. I am surrounded by co-Mumpreneurs who encourage and inspire me to pursue my passions—that I can be successful in my craft while being a SAHM.

In my 9 years of motherhood, my first realization is that I am a wife first and my husband is my first baby. Husband also needs our loving care as much as our kids. Second, self-care—we need to be the best Mom for our littles ones and we can’t if we will not care for ourselves too. Third and last, ENJOY the journey—play with your kids & spend quality time with them, have fun together.

“Motherhood is a passion—it is not an easy task, however, every tasks can be easy if we enjoy doing it.” -Mom Julie

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